Spectral Chinese Restaurant Processes: Nonparametric Clustering Based on Similarities

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RichardSocher03 October 2012, 07:14

Hi Cheng, The idea of the sd-CRP is to combine the original similarities in its prior and the information in the reduced dimensional space in the likelihood. So it is related and using the spectral space. I hope that helps. Best, Richarde

01 October 2012, 02:49

Hi, socher, i have something not to understand in this paper. As far as i understand, sd-CRP you proposed is developed on the Blei's DDCRP(we call it the original ddcrp)incorporating the similarity of documents.dd-crp in your paper refers to the original ddcrp using the distance between points in spectral space. As shown in the above figure, your sd-crp and dd-crp are different branches. However, in your paper, you said that "sd-crp is modified version of the dd-crp for clustering in spectral space". sd-crp is not related with spectral space. Why did you present that? it is my confuse. Regards. Cheng