Free Open Source PNG to EPS and JPG to EPS Converter for Windows




This software was compiled by RichardSocher and is published under the GNU General License. It uses mostly the nice Sam2p software by Szabó Péter (pts -@- (downloaded from and recompiled with his consent) and adds a batch file in order to make the conversion from jpg or png files to eps as simple as possible.


All you need to do to convert png files to eps files is to click on batchConvertAllPngToEps.bat inside windows explorer. This batch script then creates eps files for all files that are in the same folder. If you want to include these in a latex document, just omit the extension:


then pdfLatex will use the png file and Latex may use eps file for DVI.


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Russell?31 July 2017, 13:35

This is an excellent app. Most practically all online jpg to eps converters listed by search engines produce an eps file that is ludicrously large compared to the original jpg, (typically two orders of magnitude). Sam2p here does not. To date I have been going to online which also uses Sam2p. But the site is not always open! Richard Socher's software is just the ticket! Many thanks!

anil?02 June 2015, 10:03

It's a nice software, Thanks.

Surya?17 March 2015, 14:10

Thanks, Good App

vovo?12 February 2015, 13:28

cool, thanks!

Salai?24 December 2014, 11:00

Good App, Usefull Software.... :)

Gaus?20 September 2014, 06:35

Its not working in windows!

Kos?15 September 2014, 10:22

Great app! Thank you very much! :-)

sachin?25 June 2014, 08:02

Hello all what does it mean, 'inside windows explorer. how .exe file is opened in a internet browser. confusing a bit. plz help

Alex?25 September 2013, 05:47

Thanks a lot ! Working and so simple !

elaine?03 September 2013, 17:13

It works. :) Thanks. :)

Sofia kar?08 June 2013, 10:38

WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!It works wonderfully,,,,,, Thanks to Mr. Richard Socher, Thank you so much.... I wish I got it earlier....

asds?08 June 2013, 10:36


Farid?31 May 2013, 09:57

Thanks very much, it works very well

Naveen?18 April 2013, 17:26

Thank you very much

MacMakoosa?13 February 2013, 16:51

this b tooooo much

Hassan?30 December 2012, 14:00

Thank you very much

Rhonda?29 October 2012, 02:22

I'm downloading and saving and it won't work. It has something to do with the zip on the end?

J Buch?06 September 2012, 08:30

Thanks a lot! Works Great.

victor?20 August 2012, 23:36

Awesome. Tip for windows : even if it's a png file you need to write .png at the end of the filename otherwise it doesn't create any eps file.

Sagar ?20 May 2012, 01:48

Thanks working fine for Latex...

Ravi Kumar?16 March 2012, 16:08

Nice Software

Shaukat?24 November 2011, 14:52

Excellent, Well done

abc?25 October 2011, 01:45

Thanks a lot!

uli?26 July 2011, 14:22

Great tool, thanks a lot!

yang?23 July 2011, 16:17

Hi richard

I did as you told, But it does not recognize my png files: it does not convert

esp?12 March 2011, 20:05


debeV?08 September 2010, 14:09

this is an excellent product. worked like a charm

mnrao?08 August 2010, 15:32

But I get only 1/4 of jpg in eps.

Zrk?01 June 2010, 03:05

Thank you ! It worked well out of the box. I didn't have to look any further on the net to find what I looked for : the 1st link in Google was the good one.

RichardSocher19 January 2010, 11:31

Thanks Assad!

AKE?23 December 2009, 13:39

Thanks for this package.

Here's a simple bat script that users of the package may find useful.


@echo off
:: Assad Ebrahim, 2009-12-23
:: assad - dot - ebrahim - at - mathscitech - dot - org
:: png2eps.bat wrapper script for from Richard Socher (

:: 1. Put this bat file in the directory where you have a png you want to convert.
:: 2. Set INSTALLDIR to point to where you have unpacked
:: 3. Run this bat file in cmd shell with the command:
::       png2bat <filename-without-ext>

:: USER: set this to point to directory containg sam2p.exe, png22pnm.exe, etc.
set INSTALLDIR=c:totalcmdTeXpng2eps

:: Run app from app directory, referencing files located in current directory
echo Converting: %1.png  --to  %1.eps...
sam2p %CURRDIR%%1.png EPS: %CURRDIR%%1.eps
echo Done!
:: Restore to current directory