CS Notes, Codes and Old Projects from Undergrad

This page is mostly deprecated and not kept up-to-date.

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Syntagme Verbal


  • The code is in the .jar files. Beware, these were our first steps in Java.
  • Zero Finder - A little console java program to find a function's zeros with either Regula Falsi? or Newton
  • Caesar Chiffre - A simple console program that can encode and decode textfiles with the Caesar Chiffre
  • Pythagoras Fractals - A GUI that lets you draw pythagoras fractals.
  • Game Of Life - This is not really a game but rather a way to see how evolution can - with simple rules - create some interesting patterns in each life cycle.
  • Java6u 14 Eclipse Ignores Breakpoints


  • Load Special Characters In Clisp - How to use special characters like French accents or German "Umlaut"s in loaded files
  • Special Characters In CGI - How to enable cgi scripts to use French Accents or other special characters.
  • Lisp CGI - How to set up lisp as a CGI in Apache2 (under Ubuntu or other *nix OS)
  • Write To File In Lisp - a function that creates a file and writes a string into it.
  • Dump Image From Clisp - how to dump an image of clisp with all the already loaded functions and variables for later use and fast loading times